The Beginning <3

Here I am,  after I ventured myself on this one-way ticket trip, writing my first blog post from a laundry/coffee shop at 2:45 PM   in Melbourne, Australia.

Let’s start by introducing myself, I’m a 25 year old Colombian who,  from this moment on, has become a world traveller with the intention of documenting my journey . Why?  To inspire and help fellow travellers on their own journey. The first time I left home was almost 3 years ago ( Feb 22nd, 2012) ,  when I jumped on a plane to go to Toronto, Canada with the intention of studying abroad and meeting new people. I was seeking new adventures and a getaway from my comfort life back home. I took a course on comedy writing and completed my postgrad degree on Writing and TV Production. That led to different jobs in my industry and manage to get various jobs as a nanny. Although I enjoyed my time in Toronto and consider it as a second home, I wish I had travelled more instead of spending 3 years In the same city. What was I thinking! I missed out on the Rocky mountains, Vancouver, Banff National Park and so much more. I also discovered I was eligible to apply to a special type of visa called Working Holiday Visa, which is very popular in Europe, Canada, Asia and other countries; but which I never heard about due to the fact that Colombia is not part of the scheme.  If I had known I was able to travel since I was 18, I would of started way before.

Well here I am now. I got a one year Working Holiday Visa for Australia, decided that I have the rest of my life to travel but I’ll only have my twenties once, I booked my one way ticket to Melbourne to start my journey and after two weeks of job hunt with no luck (and with the exciting news that my BFF is also coming to Australia for one year to work and travel) I decided to change my original plan of settling in Melbourne and decided to departure myself on an adventure across Australia.

Our Goal? Document our trip, tips, tricks, obstacles and adventures!

Show that age is not a limit for travelling and that you’re never too old or too young to live abroad. ❤

What’s like living abroad, leaving your job and your family?

We decided to document our trip through blogs and video footage (which will be compile into a documentary at the end of the trip).